Massage Rooms George on Kristine

Kristine adores his firm touch and as he opens her up we see her already soaking wet for him, a magnificent sight for all! The ambiance of the room highlights her slick opening as George tends to her excitement, his own desire visibly growing and desperate for her attention.

With his cock in her hand the massage really comes to life as her every need is taken care for, their bodies locked in a frenzy of lust and longing.

Massage Rooms Lola on Suzie

The girls really have the hots for each other and as Lola dips a finger in Suzie’s eager pussy you can almost feel the excitement in the air. Their bodies look absolutely beautiful together, both gorgeous young women with only one thing on their mind right from the word go.

Lola always make sure her clients needs are always taken care of, and as she brings Suzie to a stunning climax she climbs aboard and we see her sensitive pussy finally receive the explosive orgasm it’s been waiting for.

Massage Rooms Rita on Patrick

Her white uniform clings to her perfect curves and her smile as relaxing as her signature massage, Rita is exactly what you need after a hard day at the office.

As her expert hands knead the stress from Patrick’s body she visibly becomes overcome with desire, the sight of his large, oiled up cock sliding through her slender fingers is sending her imagination into overdrive. 

Her breasts are the perfect warm up as she tit fucks him into a frenzy before sliding him inside her and riding him to an explosive climax.

Massage Rooms George on Gina

George feels very blessed to be presented with such beautiful women and has hit the jackpot with the gorgeous Gina. Her tiny frame packs a punch with curves in just the right places and is very open with her body.

A keen yoga enthusiast she bends in places you wouldn’t believe and has a kinky foot fetish which we catch beautifully on camera. The genuine pleasure on her face is a true sight for sore eyes and this scene is one you won’t be able to watch just once…

Massage Rooms Uma on Ian

Get ready for a treat! Uma is a real specialist and is filling a regular role as a qualified masseuse on We even had her do some training sessions with George – those scenes will be on the site over the coming weeks and months. She has a very refined technique and is an expert in Swedish, Thai and tantric massage.

Most spectacular of all is that she has an absolutely insatiable lustful hunger, sexuality flows through every inch of this woman, it’s amazing to witness. She leaves no client unsatisfied, in fact they are guaranteed to come back for more! Once you’ve had one massage session with Uma you will feel like you are floating on the clouds, you will feel reinvigorated, energized, confident, and feel as if you are a wonderful lover. She will really take care of you.

Oh, and she squirts, once a hard cock slips inside her and hits the right buttons she can’t stop it. Nothing is too much for her, and she aims to please as you will see in this video.”

Massage Rooms George on Nathaly

Nathaly arrived for an afternoon session with George, who is proving to be very popular with our female members. He is such a careful and considerate masseur and lover, with the experience to be able to really take care of his clients.

George gives everything he’s got in each scene he makes with us which is why we too love him so much! Nathaly has a wonderfully soft body with big heavy natural boobs and a nice round bottom! George loves to please and he does nothing less in during this session. Nathaly leaves a happy girl, still tingling from her post-orgasm bliss.

Massage Rooms George on Gina

Gina is a very tiny, skinny young girl from Russia and while she was traveling Europe she came to visit us at for a session with George. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on this little minx, she was bouncing with energy when she arrived and there was only one thing on her mind – complete and total sexual-satisfaction.

George works his magic touch all over her body, exploring every inch and leaving nothing untouched, once she is oiled up and her body reaches the peak of tranquility, he begins to get firmer and more risqué in his moves. She’s wet for him, aroused and excited, so he begins to satisfy her sexual needs. Gina is ultra sensitive and reaches many climaxes during this scene, her orgasms go on and she comes multiple times! By the end of it both George and Gina were totally spent, and utterly satisfied. Another happy customer!

Massage Rooms Victoria B on Ian

Victoria returns to the table, this time to pleasure and satisfy a lucky client! He’s already worked up and very horny so it doesn’t take much work before she has him rock hard and edging to come.

Seeing him get so turned on by her delicate touches and her beautiful natural body in turn makes her pretty horny, and he’s lucky enough that Victoria decides to take off her yoga pants and open her legs to allow him to taste her delicious nectar! He revels in the opportunity and devours her pussy. The scents and the flavours drive Ian insane and just the thought of her sliding down on his hard cock makes him want to come.

Massage Rooms Lola and Tommy

Lola usually deals with the female clients that come and visit for some hands-on, sensual treatment, but on this occasion she accepts a request from Tommy, who was very, very keen to spend some time on the table.

Lola works her magic on his body until he’s sent into a state of relaxed tranquility, with her warm hands caressing and teasing him in intimate areas, he can’t help but get an erection. Lola has no problem taking care of him with loving attention and she spends plenty of time massaging his penis and his testicles, where there is now a lot of tension! Tommy get’s the full treatment from Lola, while riding him, with his rock hard cock deep inside her, she orgasms intensely. Finally it’s his turn to feel the release, and Lola isn’t about to disappoint!

Massage Rooms Lola and Sandy

On her day off from reception work Sandy goes searching for the personal touch of a beautiful tanned young teen, and subsequently finds herself at the Massage rooms.Here she meet Lola, a young tight bodied teen beauty with an amazing smile who soon helps Sandy relax and fulfill her fantasy of being rubbed down and penetrated by a sexy stranger.

As the massage becomes heated Sandy finds herself grabbing hold of the sheets on the table as she oozes out cum between the fingers of this horny little teen whilst letting out a scream of ecstasy as Lola fingers her soaking wet hole. Once satisfied Sandy pours oil down the pert breasts of this tanned teen, places her across her knee and begins to ease her fingers into her perfectly shaven pussy until the cum drips from Sandy’s fingers. All in all a good day out for Sandy and one of the best jobs Lola has ever had.